The Apple Watch Sport

15Joining the ranks of impressive wearable gadgets is the Apple Watch Sport and Apple has definitely held back no punches whatsoever.

Stylish, Yet Durable
The first thing that any user will notice is its physical appearance and it is nothing short of exceptional. This amazing new smartwatch sports a casing made of anodized aluminum and is available in both space grey and silver. It also prides itself in the fact that the straps are quite durable, and colorful, while the front of each watch is made of strengthened Ion-X glass.

The Apple Watch Sport is available in eight different designs ranging from basic (featuring a rubber strap) to the all new gold and rose gold versions. Keep in mind, however, that different designs will come with different strap options, as well as with different size options. This is very important for those individuals looking to attain a particular look and feel, when it comes to their new smartwatch purchase.

Features as Far as the Eye Can See
As with most Apple products, the Apple Watch Sport is far from lacking, where features is concerned. While this incredible product is quite useless for those who do not own an Apple smartphone, those individuals who do are in for a definite treat. This is primarily due to the fact that users can not only handle calls from their new smartwatch but can also deal with text messages, emails and even receive notifications whenever the need should arise.

Another obvious feature/benefit would have to be the wide variety of apps available on any Apple Watch Sport. There are really too many apps available to even begin listing them here so let’s just say this. If it’s available on your Apple Smartphone, it’s very possibly available on your Apple Smartwatch. There’s even a handy smartphone app available that will allow users to organize the apps on the smartwatch right from the much bigger screen available on the smartphone.

Whether you’re looking to organize your calender and schedule or keep track of your health and fitness activity, this wearable gadget is wrist watch, smartphone and personal assistant all wrapped in one. It provides buttons and swiping mechanisms useful for accessing each of the phenomenal features available, as well as for scrolling through personal contacts lists and the many app icons listed on the app screen of your smartwatch. And finally, every feature, contact, and app accessed will be easily viewed by way of the Ion-X OLED Retina display.

The list of features available literally goes on and on and while describing each individually, in this single article, in abosolute detail is quite impossible, this much can be said. In this wide world of wearable gadgets, the Apple Watch Sport stands up to the rest and stands quite tall. It goes above and beyong its competition and does so without breaking stride.

Owning a wearable gadget is one thing however, owning an Apple Watch Sport is a completely different story altogether!